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After the Big Bang, the Universe continued expanding and eventually exited the black hole status and only then "Time" started existing. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss how the concept of space is meaningless without the existence of time. When time stops, any type of travel cannot exist. Therefore, any type of matter, because dependent on the motion of electrons in its atom, cannot exist. To explain this concept we start with the following scenario. In this scenario Gianni tells the Professor that he is taking a trip to New York. He says that it takes 8 hours by plane for him to get there. Since the Professor knows that modern planes travel at a speed of approximately 500 miles per hour, he deduces that New York is about 4000 miles away. He arrives to the figure by multiplying the speed of the airplane by the expected time length of the trip. The Professor tells Gianni: " When the airplane ready to takeoff, if time stops ,you will not be able to move not even an inch".

"But why?"said Gianni.

"Because, no matter how slowly the plane tries to crawl, it still requires time to move from point A to hypothetical point B, even if point B is only an inch away. The turbojet engine blades will stop rotating, because they normally travel continuously from a certain position A to a certain

position B in a given time and, in a world where time is stopped, this is not allowed. Travel is not allowed in a world without time. At this point, you'd think that the engines would stop, the plane would stop and the passengers would stay frozen forever in the position they were at the moment when time stopped".

"Yes, this seems reasonable." said Gianni

And the Professor said: "No!!! The scenario would be much different and more dramatic! The airport runway, just a few moments before covered by a beautiful sunshine, all at once becomes totally dark. The Sun rays that reach the Earth in about 8 minutes moving at the speed of light, are stopped, because photons cannot travel due to the time freeze. Now that the Sun has turned completely dark, it normally should collapse because of the lack of kinetic energy of all its once vibrating atoms. Its inner layers cannot support the pressure of its outer layers, but collapsing requires movement, and once again this is not allowed. All the protons and electrons have magnetic fields and therefore a rotating charge and they have to collapse. Since, they make up the mass of the Sun, the Sun itself instantaneously has to collapse. All the electromagnetic waves have to disappear. But the energy stored in the electromagnetic fields has to be preserved (basic law of Phisics), and the only way it can be preserved is by converting it into the infinitesimally small mass of the neutrinos. Neutrinos appear to be the only stable particles that do not require the existence of time in order to exist since, according to the majority of the scientists, they were the only particles present just after the Big Bang. And just after the Big Bang time did not exist"

"Then what happens to me inside the plane?" Said Gianni.

"At this time, you, the plane, the Earth and the rest of the Universe will be converted into neutrinos and since the neutrinos are similar to black holes, time is stopped inside the airplane and all over the Universe. The only particles left are neutrinos and they are infinitesimally small in size and mass. Finally, I can say, if what is left is a Universe frozen in time filled only with invisible neutrinos, then   distances are meaningless. The Universe, itself, becomes an   infinitesimally small point, no matter how many infinitesimal small points it contains. In this scenario, by stopping time, we shrank the Universe to a point where space ceases to exist. If we look back to the Universe just before the Big Bang, what we have is just a huge amount of neutrinos in a condition without "Time" and "Space".   It is impossible to differentiate between the Universe before the Big Bang and immediately after the Big Bang. In both cases Time has stopped.

What I have described in the previous paragraph is an artificial situation because nothing can stop time suddenly all over the Universe.
But, in the cosmic black holes, a place where the gravitational force is so strong that not even something travelling at the speed of light can escape, time is stopped, matter becomes invisible and space becomes a meaningless quantity. I think that the present Universe, after many generations, where stars and galaxies are created and die, will keep expanding and will continue converting all the matter into neutrinos inside the inner workings of the black holes. In the end, only neutrinos will be left in a Universe without time and space. At this point it would be impossible to differentiate between the Universe before the Big Bang and the final stage of the present Universe. We can deduce from this scenario that the life of the Universe, in order to proceed in a cycle, does not have to be expanding from the time of the Big Bang, reach a maximum dimension and start shrinking back to an infinitesimal small entity. In this scenario the Universe keeps on expanding until all the matter is turned   into infinitesimally small neutrinos. Then time stops, space becomes meaningless and the universe is back to the same conditions as before the Big Bang". This is the time when the infinite turns into the infinitesimal.

Gianni said:"I think I' m going to cancel my flight".


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